What do you need to build a guitar? Here is a basic list of the tools you will need. Tools that made this list are tools that I use on every build OR tools that I have used in the past until I replace them with more expensive tools. 

I use far more than 5 tools, but we can break them down into 5 categories. I'm sure we could find a youtube video of Ben Crowe from Crimson Guitars doing a 36-hour build using only a 1-inch gouge. 

I made a mistake. A big mistake. About a 150-hour mistake. Well, OK… let’s call it a learning experience.  It all started simply enough. Hey, this dye works on fabric, I can get it at walmart, it’s cheap. Win-Win. I’m sure it will work on wood. Sure enough, it did. It looked fantastic. Then it all went bad. Really bad.