The thief broke into my house and .... no not really. Ok, so it was not mine at the time... I bought a Marshall AVT 150 head that "needs work" off Facebook Market place a few months back for a great price. Hey, I repair amps and things, this should be easy. I get the amp home start testing. Yup preamp works great, but nothing out of the main outputs. Ok, seems like a standard case of blowen TDA7293 on the output.  I pull the amp apart and I see why... there are no output boards. Now I know why they wanted to make the transaction quickly. That's OK, they threw in some guitar speakers into the deal.

I know I can get replacement Marshall M-KITS-00003 Amp Module from several online stores, but I am looking for blown output boards so I can get my hands dirty again doing the replacement of the TDA7293 output transistor. ( I hold a degree in electronics but do a desk job overseeing a web team. I enjoy getting the soldering iron out from time to time.)

Does anyone have a pair of burned out / blown output boards in their junk drawer? I would like to buy. Ping me via the contact form on this site or via my facebook page: