RaspWhat do you need to build a guitar? Here is a basic list of the tools you will need. Tools that made this list are tools that I use on every build OR tools that I have used in the past until I replace them with more expensive tools. 

Today we look at Shaping and smoothing tools. As I write this, I realize that a really enjoy working with most of the tools in this category. Taking a rough cut out of a plank of wood and turning it into a guitar body or neck is a massive transformation. These tools are most hand-ons tool that you will use through this process.


  1. Rasp and file
  2. Sand Paper (Sander) I find I use sand paper less and less for shaping. If it was not for smoothing, i would hardly use sandpaper.
  3. Cabinet Scrapers - I have a recient flurtation with Cabinet Scrapers
  4. Router - I just about lost a finger to a bad router set up. Yet I still enjoy using them.