Have you ever been sitting in your workshop and you hear a voice saying, “I want to be made into a blue burst 80’s tribute guitar in the shape of a BC Rich Mockingbird.” Wow, that is an oddly specific request, who said that? After a bit of searching, I found the voice was from a humble warped pine 2x4 in the discard pile. I took compassion on the 2x4 and gave him my solemn promise that I would make him awesome.  

I made a mistake. A big mistake. About a 150-hour mistake. Well, OK… let’s call it a learning experience.  It all started simply enough. Hey, this dye works on fabric, I can get it at walmart, it’s cheap. Win-Win. I’m sure it will work on wood. Sure enough, it did. It looked fantastic. Then it all went bad. Really bad.