I am in love with Cabinet Scrapers. "What are Cabinet Scrapers?", I asked a few years back. I ordered a few and fell hard for them. In the past, I would spend a fair amount of time in the sanding phase of a project. Lots of sanding, lots of sandpaper, lots of dust. 

A Cabinet Scraper acts like a bladed tool that can be a great stand-in for sanding. Rather than using an abrasive method to shape wood, Cabinet Scrapers remove super thin ribbons of wood to do the shaping.  

The Crown 376 Cabinet Scraper is a fantastic set to get started with. The two rectangular scrapers gives you a total of 4 large scrapers edges. Sharpen or burnish all 4 edges and you can go for quite a while, making a big impact on your work.

I was floored with how well these Cabinet Scrapers did even on the super-hard Hickory. One of the hardest domestic woods in the US.