The Dean Vendetta is a work-horse of a super-strat. Overall a really solid guitar for an unbelievable price. The thin speed neck and super high output humbucker design that lends itself to hard rock and metal. 

After two years of nearly weekly playing the Dean Vendetta has held up well. The tuning stability is rock solid, requiring only minor tuning even after weeks of playing (or sitting around). 

The only two items I took issue with was the response range of the humbuckers and the faulty ness of the pickup selector. 

The humbuckers are totally a preference issue on my part. These Dean made humbuckers are super hot. I measured them at a whopping 19K+ DC resistance. This guitar can chug and the highs will rip your head off. As with many higher output pickups, these have a bit of a scooped sound. I was looking to flatten out that scoop and replaced the Dean humbuckers with a set of Kimise Black

The only true fault I can find on the Dean Vendetta is the lack of longevity on the pickup selector. Maybe I got a bad one, but after about a year the pickup selector switch started to fail. 

Oh, did I mention is it dark red? One of my favorite things about the Dean Vendetta is the dark smokey red finish. I have resisted coping the same color to a few of the hand made guitars, but only with great difficulty.

This is a super value super strat. I have not found a better "basic" guitar for the price anywhere.



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Best in Class

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