This is a basic, maybe not beginner, but entry-level, full size single-cutaway Acoustic-Electric acoustic guitar by made by fender.

There are many possible options for a low-cost Acoustic on Amazon. I set out to find the best one for me. I was looking for a good value single cut Acoustic-Electric guitar.  After I removed anything under $100 I was left with many options. I was surprised to see a brand name in the sub-$200 range. The Fender FA-125CE was selling for $175 at the time. I see now it is selling for about $30 more.

I decided to place the order and see how Fender’s low price point offering stacked up.

On unboxing, the first thing I noted, this thing is shiny. Finder did not skimp on the finishing on the 125CE.

The overall fit and finish of this guitar is significantly better than I expected. I cannot find any blemishes or any oops on the nitrocellulose clear coat. The clear is thick enough to stand up to additional buffing. I had a case where the guitar was knocked over and the neck had a small-ish but fairly deep scuff. I was able to polish it out with some simple car buffing rubbing compound. The quick fix worked so well I can't even tell where the scuff was located.

The sound is acoustically great. You're not gonna find anything better than this until you get up into close to the $300 guitar. There are other good guitars in this range on Amazon, but for an extra 50 bucks, you're going to get a better quality brand name guitar.

I think this is definitely the best in class and the highest value highest bang for Buck.