Have you ever been sitting in your workshop and you hear a voice saying, “I want to be made into a blue burst 80’s tribute guitar in the shape of a BC Rich Mockingbird.” Wow, that is an oddly specific request, who said that?

Hard Rocker

The Hard Rocker is a Les Paul styled guitar made with a mahogany neck and a hickory body. The name hard rocker comes from the hickory wood the body is made out of.


The TeleNut has in a roundabout way become my signature guitar. It was not the first guitar I started, but it was the first one I finished. So it got a lot of "press photos" as I started working my way into the hobby luthier world.

Old Oak

Old Oak exists only as a pre-body blank right now. I grabbed some weathered rughcut oak for another project and started gluing the leftovers into body blanks. 

Trovato Spalted

The Trovato Spalted guitar is a concept project or projects. Trovato is Italian for found, which is exactly what happened in this project. I found a chunk of oak firewood in my wood room that had spalted. 

Unnamed hollow body

I don't have a name for this one yet. The general body shape will be Les Paul, but that is where the similarities end.

Wood bending and some funky cut-outs will be required for this project.

Stay tuned.