Plans and Templates

Electric Herald Templates

Fantastic free plans and guitar templates in several file formats. I use these on most of my builds.


Crimson Guitars

Ben from Crimson Guitars walks you though exotic guitars builds and basic luthier skills. Sometimes even super short timeline 6 hour builds.


I use parts sourced from several vendors. 


I buy lots of guitar parts and most of my tools from Amazon. As a prime member, I get free shipping and lots of other benefits. Also, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Guitar Fetish

I also buy lots of parts from Guitar Fetish GFS sells parts and full guitars. They also buy semi loads of factory closeouts guitar parts. You can find brand name necks and bodies for about $30 each. Their factory buyout section is worth a look/



One of the largest luthier suppliers in the world.

Yeah, OK from time to time I will buy a few parts from Some times you find amazing deals, other times you get what you pay for.


Humble Pickups

I gotta give a shout out to Joshua Randall a fellow Wisconsinite at Humble Pickups. These are the sickest looking pickups I have ever seen and I need to get a pair for a future build.